Decorating like a Tenenbaum


The main thing I’ve noticed in Wes Anderson interiors is Collections.  Every character or room has a collection of some sort.  Hand drawings, books, computer equipment, taxidermy, and even color.   Each room is ultra rich and saturated with a focus.  I love Margot’s room of family portraits personally.



My advice to give your room a simple nod to the legendary director Wes Anderson, find something that tickles your funny bone and make a little collection of it. Large scale collections might be a little cumbersome, so minimize it for an even more amusing collection.  My next collection is going to be “Z”s for my last name.  I think the fun part will be finding them amongst the adventures of life.  I also want a little corner of antlers and animal busts.  To get my giggles, I’m going to look for them in fun colors or paint them myself.  I saw a recent post on where the took plain white antlers and dipped the tips in bright colored paint.

Now when I said that one of the collections in a Wes Anderson room was color, I meant just that. It’s red walls, with rich red velvet chairs, a red piano, a mom in a red skirt, red area rugs, etc.  In this make believe world, it works.  I’m not as big of a fan of it in the day to day world.  I want a little bit of mix up in my colors and patterns.  Just a personal preference.  I am and will always be a fan of Wes Anderson and how his sets, costumes, and cinematography makes me feel.  Sometimes a problem you think you have really isn’t that catastrophic.  And when you look back at it in the future, will your reaction be as amusing as a Wes Anderson characters’?

the royal tenenbaums - interiors the royal tenenbaums house set office.preview

royal tennanbaums

Hope you had a good read.  Until next time!


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