I absolutely love interior design.  I’ve been drawing floor plans since I was 10 years old, always thinking about how my family would use each space.  I started working in the Architecture industry right out of high school.  I started as a drafter and worked my way up to designer and project manager.  With 6+ years experience in healthcare, I’ve discovered what environments make people simply feel good.  My passion has always been in residential design, so I decided to start my own eDesign site and offer my services online.  I’m very excited to help families and individuals feel fantastic in their homes!

I am a wife and mother of two small boys.  My design taste has expanded significantly since my kids came along.  I like things very simple, with no knick knacks, and then my first son was born and I had to relinquish control of my small house to toys and various baby items.  I now thoroughly enjoy anything adult and sophisticated.  I’m learning to combine the fun bright colors with classic neutrals and I’m learning the importance of organization and storage furniture.

Since the idea crossed my mind to start my own website, I have looked more and more into DIY projects to get the same look as a higher end piece for less or be able to reuse a piece you may already have.  I’m working on a few jewelry organization/display and built-in closet projects that I hope to share on my site and then further help clients make pieces of their own.


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