Bedroom Envy

Since my post about Domino’s Top 26 Design Blogs, I have started following quite a few of them.  One of my favorites is La Dolce Vita.  Paloma has just posted photos of her latest project for a client and it is stunning.  Every room is just rich and glamorous.  She just posted pictures of the Master Bedroom and I was completely envious.

Just look at those textures and refined color palette.  I had posted some of my brainstorming designs for a new adult bedroom sanctuary.  My favorite design of the group was a simple black, white, and gray palette with some luxurious textures to add maturity and remind myself that I am still an adult but reuse my existing furniture.  Here’s the design below.


It was based on this bedroom that I found on 

And this bedroom.


Glad I’m on the right track.  I just need some more tweaking to accessories.  In my design, I left some things that make me smile or that I find humorous because that is our personality and I’m not the only person using this room.  I wanted a little masculinity so that my husband didn’t feel out of place, hence no chandelier.

Long story short, check out La Dolce Vita for sheer sophistication and glamour.  Most of the other blogs that I follow are very family friendly design and a lot of DIY design.  It’s nice to have a little bit of everything for my design brain.


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